Our Directors:
Karl Hamer

Mr. Karl Hamer - Managing Director, Al Habtoor Motors

"Al Habtoor Motors is a people's business; people from the office boy to
the most senior management make the difference and ensure success in
our business today. At Al Habtoor Motors, we understand the importance
of the needs of our customers, employees and shareholder alikeand we
distill this message to our team on a daily basis in our quest for excellence."

Mr. Karl Hamer, Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors, joined the company
in February 2008 and has been in the industry for 35 years. Karl started on
the showroom floor and is well respected both inside and outside of the
automotive industry. He has held various senior positions in the past,
including being the Director of a UK company - CEO for Toyota - Ford Family
group before making his move to the Middle East.

" We are very proud of our achievement within Al Habtoor
Motors and the passion & drive demonstrated by our people
have resulted in us being the market leader for the franchise
we hold."

Jagdish Parulekar

Mr. Jagdish Parulekar, Chief Financial Officer

"The success of Al Habtoor Motors is attributed to proactively managing
changes whilst upholding the values of integrity, service and social

When Mr. Jagdish made the business decision to move to the UAE in 2007,
he had his sight firmly fixed on the growing automotive industry.
A qualified public accountant with dual qualification
as FCA and CPA, Mr. Jagdish is a motor enthusiast and is in the automotive
business for more than 16 years.
He has worked with General Motors brand before joining AHM.
A champion of providing workable solutions, Mr. Jagdish loves nothing better
than a business challenge.
A thoughtful and engaging person, he finds great
pleasure and relaxation in his diverse reading.

Roma Andrews

Mrs. Roma Andrews, Executive Director - Operations & HR

"I joined AHM as the HR Manager 21 years ago backed by 15 years of Human Resources experience working for a leading American bank in India. HR at that time was an unfamiliar concept in the Gulf. Appointing a lady to a key company role is just one example of the Al Habtoor Management's foresight. The most important and rewarding aspect of my assignment over the years has been the trust bestowed on me and the respect for what each gender brings to a company. This has encouraged and propelled me to excel in everything I do with a clear belief that business operations forms the heart of any organization and can be reduced to four words: people, product, process and profits. Unless you've got a good team, you can't do much with the other three."

Mrs. Andrews joined AHM in 1993. A remarkable conversationalist as well as a keen listener, she is passionate about reading, music and is a trained vocalist. Today as the Executive Director - Operations & HR she has set the HR and Operations objectives to align with the company's vision and mission with a focus on maximizing stakeholder's value, with a keen eye on cost - using minimum resources to achieve maximum output with 'quality' as key.

Satdev Singh

Mr. Satdev Singh, Director of Operations

"I have thoroughly enjoyed the past 29 years of success where
AHM has grown from strength to strength. The overall experience has been
extremely rewarding and I have been fortunate to receive the full support
and recognition of the Al Habtoor Family."

Mr. Satdev joined AHM in 1984 as the company began its journey
of success nearly three decades ago. Now one of the leading automotive
dealerships in the country, the success of AHM is a testament
to his pioneering approach to business. He loves the corporate culture
of AHM and believes this is a true reflection of the values embedded within
the Al Habtoor Family. When not working, Mr. Singh is a passionate
sports fan, movie and music enthusiast.

Anan Nimer

Mr. Anan Nimer, Director of Aftersales

"Success stands on the foundation of quality, integrity and discipline.
We at AHM are committed to these core values."

With over 30 years of industry experience and impressively broad
knowledge of after sales customer service, Mr. Anan joined AHM in 1986.
Since joining he has brought great insight
and initiated ground-breaking changes into the administrative set up of
the eight existing AHM service centres across the UAE. His business
approach is one of fairness and transparency with a respect for every
customer and each employee being treated alike.
His maxim is that the customer always comes first. A people's person,
Mr. Anan, welcomes his guests and challenges with
the same enthusiasm. Away from work he is a family man,
a passionate billiards player and clay shooter.

Joseph Rogan

Mr. Joseph Rogan, Director of Sales - Mitsubishi & CarZone Megastore

"The senior management in AHM is very approachable and their leadership
is unparalleled. This allows us to deliver our promise and provide the best
service each and every time to our customers."

Popularly known as Joe, Mr. Rogan joined AHM in 2010 having
previously worked with automotive giants including Porsche and Land Rover.
The AHM values that he admires the most are - honesty and integrity.
Joe's favorite time in the office is
the beginning of every month. For him there is nothing quite like the
satisfaction of outperforming the target. A great believer in maintaining
a healthy work-life balance,
he enjoys a good round of golf or going out walking with his family.

Majed Safi

Mr. Majed Safi, Director of Finance

"AHM's corporate culture has a comfort factor to it. Our management
structure is transparent which allows us to think independently and
speak freely. We work smart as a team and thus achieve a great
deal because our efforts towards the company's key objectives are collective."

Mr. Majed joined AHM in 2008. With over 20 years of experience,
he previously worked with Juma Al Majid Group of companies and Deloitte.
A sharp, business-oriented hard worker, he is a qualified CPA
and CMA by profession. Outside of the office Mr. Majed enjoys playing
football with his children, spending time with
his family and loves to read English and Arabic classics.

K Sahayam

Mr. K Sahayam, Director of IT

"Every day at AHM brings something new. There are new challenges but
always new solutions. With fresh insights that enable the AHM technology
team to achieve its success,
together we all contribute towards taking the business to greater heights. "

Mr. Sahayam brought with him a wealth of global industry knowledge having
worked overseas for the dealerships of auto giants including Ford, Lincoln,
Suzuki, Mazda and Bridgestone.
He joined AHM in 2008 and sees his biggest strength in his ability
to balance technical skill with sound business management.
In 2010, he received the Group Innovation and Improvement
Award from the Chairman, Mr. Khalaf Al Habtoor as recognition for
his achievements. Relaxing out of work Mr. Sahayam loves listening to music
and is an avid cricket enthusiast.