The new 2012 Bentley Continental GTC arrives in style in the UAE

November, 2011

Al Habtoor Motors-Bentley Emirates, the official dealer of Bentley in the UAE, hosts for its existing customers, a private preview of the new 2012 Bentley Continental GTC on 2nd November 2011, at the Bentley Marina Showroom.

Dynamic, breathtaking and advanced the new 2012 Bentley continental GTC marks the arrival of an iconic new Bentley. The new Bentley Continental GTC offers a seductive combination of performance, style and exclusivity.

It follows a celebrated tradition, as Bentley has been making iconic open tourers for over ninety years. Even with this exalted pedigree, the Continental GTC represents a new pinnacle for the marque: it has been sharpened, refined and rethought in every detail. The result is a convertible sports car that offers supercar levels of performance together with luxurious accommodation for four people. For those who look for the enchantment of open-top motoring, there's no better place to experience it than at the wheel of the new Bentley Continental GTC.

A sense of contemporary refinement exudes from the Continental GTC's interior, where the soft-touch leather has been shaped to create clearly defined edges and lines. Duo-tone hides, contrast hand-stitching and deep mirror-gloss veneer provide evidence of the meticulous craftsmanship that Crewe is famous for. Throughout the interior of the Continental GTC, the finest materials are combined with a lightness of touch that takes Bentley design into the future.

The Continental GTC delivers breathtaking performance. Its W12 engine produces 567bhp, with maximum torque of 700Nm available from just 1700rpm for effortless power at the flex of the driver's right foot. The figures tell their own story: the Continental GTC accelerates from 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds and can reach a maximum speed of 195mph.

An all-wheel drive powertrain gives the Continental GTC reassuring traction in all conditions. The impressive power of the W12 engine is sent to all four wheels, with a 60:40 rear power delivery bias for optimum handling. As a result, it is not simply one of the fastest convertibles in the world but also one of the most confidence-inspiring, delivering exceptional grip and control. The advanced all-wheel drive gives reassuring grip in slippery conditions, while Continuous Damping Control adapts to different conditions and delivers a flat, calm ride.

The Continental GTC puts intuitive control of advanced technology at the fingertips by offering a harmonious fusion of traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. Its infotainment system features are based around a 30GB hard drive, which offers up to 15GB of storage for music as well as a vast mapping databank. The navigation includes; live traffic data, online access for point-of-interest searches, rapid access to a continent-full of mapping and even the option of satellite landscape imagery. The touch screen also provides real time monitoring of tyre pressure, access to phone contacts and the zoom capability for mapping. The Naim for Bentley system, incorporating ten custom-built speakers and eight individual DSP modes, is available as an option for the ultimate in audiophile experiences on the move.

When it comes to exterior design each bodyline, crease and swell of bodywork has a look of millimetre-perfect precision. From the front, the face of the Continental GTC appears hewn from solid metal, with distinctive large inner headlamps flanking the familiar Bentley mesh grille. A sweeping bodyline spears backwards from the front wheel to meet the muscular curve of the rear wheel's haunch.

At the rear, wrap-around lamps accentuate the low, wide proportions. They flank a distinctive Bentley 'double-horseshoe' boot lid with a small spoiler on its upper edge. And instead of adding an unsightly antenna, Bentley has made the boot lid out of composite SMC, which is transparent to GPS and media signals.

The cockpit of the Bentley Continental GTC has been designed to provide tactile and visual delight, together with outstanding levels of comfort. These are the hallmarks of a true Bentley grand tourer. For the Continental GTC's cockpit, Bentley's interior design team has created a cocoon of curved yet crisply-defined planes and surfaces. From the sweep of the fascia architecture, inspired by the form of the Bentley wings, to the satin-chrome dials with their white illumination, the interior of the Continental GTC expresses timeless Bentley design cues with contemporary flair.

"The year 2011 has been a wonderful year for us at Bentley Emirates. We launched the much awaited Bentley Continental GT which has an immense response from our clients. Now, we have the new Bentley Continental GTC which will be formally launched during the upcoming Dubai Motor Show. The new Continental GTC takes open top driving to new levels. It presents a world of unmatched refinement and effortless style. When a convertible looks this good hood down, I am sure everyone will want to enjoy it all year round" added George Duncan, General Manager of Bentley Emirates.

About Bentley Motors
In 1919, an engineering genius obsessed by speed, W.O. Bentley focused on his dream, creating a car bearing his name. That October the first Bentley engine came to life. During the 1920's Bentley went from strength to strength. Racing triumphs proved reliability, speed and incredible performance. Sales soared. These were the years of the Bentley Boys. Extraordinary adventures followed by extravagant victorious celebrations. Five glorious Le Mans victories and a successful return in 2003 secured the sixth historical win. True to the unique heritage, contemporary Bentleys are capable of extraordinary speeds, exquisitely handcrafted and beautifully engineered. It is this distinguished heritage that is the essence of Bentley.

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