Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Cars Division presents the epitome of high-end luxury cars

November, 2011

Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Division will treat connoisseurs of high end motoring with cars from three of the world's most prestigious automotive manufacturers with some stunning debut and special edition cars at the Dubai Motor Show - the largest motor show in the region. Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Cars Division is the official representative for Bugatti, Bentley and McLaren in the UAE. The 5-day event, from 10th to 14th November 2011, will bring under one roof automobile giants from around the globe. The visitors will get to witness the latest happenings in the automotive industry globally - from concept cars to stunning launches.


Bugatti, the marque renowned for impeccable automotive solutions, aesthetics and driving dynamics is making a comeback to the Dubai Motor Show after 2 years with three Bugatti Grand Sport cars. The cars will be finished in new materials and colors which include Green Carbon and Full Yellow.

The Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport combines state-of-the-art technology and the beauty of a convertible and is manufactured lovingly and meticulously by hand. This guarantees that precise care is given even to the tiniest details. Featuring extreme precision and meticulous care for detail, this maxim of perfection found its expression in the car's technology: the Grand Sport's engine, drive, and brakes all deliver superlatives in performance, acceleration, and deceleration.


Luxury reaches a new high with Bentley - the brand that has set iconic standards by following a tradition of crafting some of the world's most ultra luxurious, high performance elegant cars. Bentley Motors is very proud of its heritage, which influences every car the company creates. This is very much evident in Bentley's unrivalled handcraftsmanship talents and the skills of its team that shapes every new Bentley. Today Bentley is a name not only synonymous with creation of luxurious sporting grand tourers, but also a personification of absolute refinement.

Bentley Motors will showcase the brand new Continental GTC for the first time in the Middle East. Indeed the timing has been simply perfect to launch open top motoring in the Gulf region. The GTC will be accompanied by the recently launched Continental GT with the Mulliner designed body kit that provides customers the ultimate in individual customization. The flagship of the Bentley range, Bentley Mulsaane along with the special 'Series 51' version of the popular Continental Flying Spur 4-door saloon will also be there to enthrall the visitors. 'Series 51' refers to the year 1951 when Bentley's in-house styling department was created and series represent the very pinnacle of the continental Flying Spur Range.


McLaren Automotive's unswerving commitment to excellence along with its long standing Formula 1 heritage and use of innovative technology has helped the company build on its 30-year experience of creating unrivalled sports cars. Nothing drives like a McLaren because nothing has been designed like a McLaren. Because they were starting from scratch with no carry over parts from previous cars to cloud their vision, the McLaren engineers had the freedom to think without constraints. To overcome the compromises that had been accepted in sports cars for too long. The freedom to innovate; creating new technologies gave the flagship two seat mid-engine MP4-12C an unrivalled breadth of ability, and make it 'Pure McLaren'.

By designing the high performance 12C around a carbon fibre chassis the McLaren engineers created a strong, safe and lightweight structural core. They then designed an innovative suspension system that uniquely combines agile handling and remarkable road-holding with the ride comfort of a luxury sedan. A powerful, tractable and refined engine, mated to a double-clutch Seamless Shift Gearbox gives the 12C a huge breadth of ability. And the sophisticated electronic control systems governing the suspension, transmission, brakes and even the aerodynamics, deliver maximum control, minimal intervention and total exhilaration.

Visitors of Dubai Motor Show will have a chance to see the revolutionary MP4 12C along with a special edition MP4 12C as well.