4 Big Wins for Al Habtoor Motors in 2011

Greater achievements expected in 2012

April, 2012

It was another successful year for Al Habtoor Motors as 2011 ended with a string of four big wins raging from "Dealer of the Year" and "No.1 in the World for Market Share", new car launches and the opening of new showrooms & service centers in the UAE.

Al Habtoor Motors was awarded the prestigious Mitsubishi Fuso Award for being 'No.1 in the World' for 2011. The award was presented to Al Habtoor Motors for maintaining the average market share of 55.3% over 3 years from 2009 to 2011. Al Habtoor Motors was praised for maintaining its top market share over the last ten years and for constantly working hard to remain at the top.

Al Habtoor Motors won two awards from Bentley in 2011 - 'Dealer of the Year' and 'Highest Middle East and North Africa (MENA) & India Sales'. The overwhelming news was announced by Bentley UK to all Bentley Dealers in the world, and Al Habtoor Motors was honored to receive both these prestigious recognitions.

One of the biggest achievements this year for Al Habtoor Motors was when its Prestige Cars Division was crowned the 'Most successful Bugatti Partner in the World'. Dr. Stefan Brungs - Head of Sales and Marketing of Bugatti presented the top award to Mr. Sultan Al Habtoor - President of Al Habtoor Motors, in the presence of Mr. Guy Caquelin - Marketing Manager for Middle East & Africa of Bugatti and Mr. Karl Hamer - Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors.

Al Habtoor Motors 2011 list of achievements ended with the grand opening of its new McLaren Flagship showroom at The Lofts; Down Town Dubai was one of the highlights of the eventful year of the Prestige Cars Division. The event was attended by 180 VIP guests including 2008 Formula 1 World Drivers' Champion, Lewis Hamilton, as well as senior executives from both Al Habtoor Motors and McLaren Automotive. The state-of-the-art McLaren Automotive dealership is one of just 35 global showrooms, and one of the brand's largest. Covering 2500 sq. ft. it offers cutting-edge car configuration facilities and is designed to reflect McLaren's technical prowess and race-winning ethos.

The year 2011 also marked the launch of two of the most eagerly awaited Bentley cars. The first was the new Bentley Continental GT, a stunning coupe that blended classic Bentley DNA with contemporary design and modern technology. The second launch was for the fascinating new Bentley Continental GTC, a convertible sports car that offered supercar levels of performance together with luxurious accommodation for four people.

Al Habtoor Motors also saw the launch of the Car Zone Megastore Showroom in 2011. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Car Zone Megastore is one of the pioneers in the Middle East to introduce a multi-brand used car supermarket store approach to car retailing. The showroom offers multi-brand used cars at competitive prices. Moreover, plans are already underway to open a showroom/branch in Sharjah as well as the main hub of the Car Zone Megastore at Dubai Investment Park which will feature over 250 vehicles on display and include all the UAE's most popular selling multi-brand vehicles.

Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Cars Division has an even more positive outlook for the year 2012. Al Habtoor Motors is slated to open new McLaren and Bentley showrooms in Abu Dhabi increasing their reach across the UAE. Furthermore, plans are underway for constructing the World's Largest Service Center in DIC for the Al Habtoor Motors Prestige Cars Division.

In 2012 new business opportunities in the automotive sector are being sourced creating jobs and further investment in the UAE. Al Habtoor Motors will play an active role in 2012 by launching two state of the art Mitsubishi dealerships in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Global Auto Parts, a multi-brand international car parts company will also be launched in 2012 under Al Habtoor Motors.

Karl Hamer, Managing Director of AHM says, "The company sees the UAE as a vibrant developing country with immense motivation and commitment by the local businesses to further create opportunities which will be admired by the rest of the world." He further continues to say, "the accomplishment achieved within the automotive sector of the UAE will be unrivaled by the rest of the world".