Global Auto Parts & SpeedFit present MBC Action's Desert Force for the 1st time in Dubai

20 OCT 2013

TMixed martial arts fans in Dubai will be in for a special treat as Global Auto Parts and SpeedFit have lined up MBC Action's Desert Force for the first time in Dubai ever since the landmark event made its debut in 2010.

Desert Force Championship, the high octane mixed martial arts (MMA) competition was held on Thursday, 17th October 2013 at American University of Dubai.

The event witnessed 22 participants from 13 countries - UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Iran and Spain, fight for the title in 11 high power bouts right through the night's extravaganza.

Yves Lavigne, the Canadian referee who ranks amongst the top 5 MMA referees worldwide officiated during the high profile tournament.

""Global Auto Parts, part of Al Habtoor Group, are proud to be the sponsors of such high intensity action-packed event. Al Habtoor Group has always been a keen supporter of many diverse sporting activities. As strategic new brand from Al Habtoor Group, Global Auto Parts is proud to have adopted this policy. Like cars , MMA fighters are finely tuned machines that need to be maintained to the highest standards in order to keep their performance at optimum level and where only the best quality will be accepted. In the automotive industry Global Auto Parts makes it our business to maintain these high standards." said Mr. Gary Carscadden, Director of Global Auto Parts.

SpeedFit has been associated with other sports events in the past such as Polo and Horse Racing and Desert Force MMA is a great addition to that list. The kinds of sponsorships we undertake are inspired from our product portfolio. For instance, we have a very wide and dynamic product range - Energizer, 3M, Mobil Oil, Fix & Go, Avon Tyres, General Tire and Sumo Firenza Tire etc. Thus, Desert Force MMA is a perfect sponsorship opportunity for us." said Mr. Neil Coolledge, General Manager of SpeedFit and Head of Tires & Batteries Division.

Based in Jordan, Desert Force was founded back in 2010 and primarily features fighters from the Middle Eastern region. Until now 8 Desert Force events have been held, of which 4 have been part of Season #1 on MBC Action. With the ever growing fan base for the event, Desert Force will move on from Middle East to include international arenas like Las Vegas.

About SpeedFit

Part of the prestigious Al Habtoor Group, SpeedFit is a brand new automotive all makes fast fit servicing concept that provides fast fit tires, brakes, batteries and convenient maintenance for all makes and models of cars in and across the UAE. To maintain the highest standards of quality in all aspects of vehicle service and repair, SpeedFit has tie ups with leading tire companies like Avon Tyres, General Tyres and Sumo Firenza Tyres, Oil giant Mobil, the number one battery brand Energizer®, 3M & tire repair system Fix & Go, as well as original equipped spare parts from Global Auto Parts.

About Global Auto Parts

Part of Dubai based business conglomerate Al Habtoor Group, Global Auto Parts is a one of a kind, fully integrated OEM/After Market parts supplier, specializing in high mortality parts for all the major Japanese and Korean brand passenger cars, and major European & American passenger car and trucks.