Energizer Batteries®

Energizer® starter batteries are in a class of their own when it comes to car battery quality and reliability of starting power. With quality control placed high on the agenda, Al Habtoor Motors is proud to partner with Energizer® as a quality appointed brand distributor across the UAE.

Energizer® car batteries provide reliable starting power thanks to their streamlined range of batteries for every application – even in foreign and vintage cars. We provide our customers with perfect peace of mind solutions by using Energizer® innovation and the tried-and-tested battery technology, which always boasts top performance, reliability and the spirit of a world-renowned premium brand. A whole lot more than your conventional battery, Energizer® is a reliable and safe partner for vehicles with fewer electronic devices and boasts performance values well over the norm.

Experience unlimited liberation and enjoy the open road with Energizer® starter batteries from Al Habtoor Motors in the UAE.