Desert Force , Jordan

27th January 2014

After the huge success of MBC Action's Desert Force Dubai last year, Global Autoparts and Al Habtoor Motors Tires & Batteries Division sponsored the Jordan wing of the event- Al Academiya Finale. The event was held in at Al-Hussein Youth City, Boxing Arena, Amman - Jordan on 27th January 2014.

"The event lined up high adrenalin bouts from renowned fighters and presented 8 fights including a middleweight headliner between Mohammad Fakhreddine and Thabet Agha.

"Global Auto Parts, part of Al Habtoor Group, are proud to be the sponsors of such high intensity action-packed event. Al Habtoor Group has always been a keen supporter of many diverse sporting activities. As strategic new brand from Al Habtoor Group, Global Auto Parts is proud to have adopted this policy.

Like cars, MMA fighters are finely tuned machines that need to be maintained to the highest standards in order to keep their performance at optimum level and where only the best quality will be accepted. In the automotive industry Global Auto Parts makes it our business to maintain these high standards." said Mr. Gary Carscadden, Director of Global Auto Parts.

"The kinds of sponsorships we undertake are inspired from our product portfolio. For instance, we have a very wide and dynamic product range - Energizer, Fix & Go, Avon Tyres, General Tire and Sumo Firenza Tires. Thus, Desert Force MMA is a perfect sponsorship opportunity for us." said Mr. Neil Coolledge, General Manager of SpeedFit and Head of Tires & Batteries Division.

Based in Jordan, Desert Force was founded back in 2010 and primarily features fighters from the Middle Eastern region. Until now 8 Desert Force events have been held, of which 4 have been part of Season #1 on MBC Action. With the ever growing fan base for the event, Desert Force will move on from Middle East to include international arenas like Las Vegas.