Chery - Al Habtoor Motors DCBL Winter Basketball League and Women's Basketball Camaraderie Cup

10 Jan 2014

Chery- Al Habtoor Motors was the title sponsor of the DCBL Winter Basketball League and Women's Basketball Camaraderie Cup which was held from 10 Jan 2014 - 11 April 2014 in Zayed Bin Sultan Gym, Dubai.

AThe tournament was organized by Synergy Sports and was reached out to the 600,000 Filipino expats living and working in the UAE. It aimed to inspire more and more women to participate in sports & lead an active and healthy life.

"This tournament will not only impact the future of women's basketball positively but will also teach a valuable lesson to the participants that will go beyond the basketball court. The camaraderie, team work, ambition, positive competition and the giving to the community will definitely create a feel-good environment. Events like these are great opportunities for women to excel at sports and build an identity of their own supported by self-confidence and positive self-worth. These are the legacies that we want to impart and we thank you all for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this basketball tournament." said Ishaq Muhammed, Marketing manager, Al Habtoor Motors

A total of 30 teams, grouped in three categories - including the women's division participated in this highly-anticipated basketball tournament that promoted unity and friendship among Filipinos and other expats in the UAE.